Wet Tacky

Wet Tacky

Finally after years of research and development, Will Development has released their own version of stone tacky! With three different grades to choose from, no type of weather will be able to stop huge stone loads! 


This “Wet” (W) formula has been designed for use in most weather conditions, and should stay liquid and usable in both cold and hot weather applications. Certain weather conditions may affect the actual usable temperature, such as humidity levels and altitude. I recommend running a few test runs before using it at a comp. For Dryer climates the "Arizona Edition" is recommended as it is specially formulated to perform better in dryer conditions. The Arizona Edition is also stronger than the original formula, but will leave more residue than the original Secret Sauce Wet.


How to: This is a unique style of tacky, and traditional “glob and spread” methods aren’t applicable. I recommend shaking out 3-4 drops in the palm of one hand, then rubbing both hands together to evenly coat both surfaces. Continue to rub hands together until desired “tackiness” is achieved. Secret Sauce Wet is unique in that the more it is agitated, the tackier it becomes, allowing the user to adjust the tackiness to suit their needs at the time. For stone sleeve anchoring, follow the same method, but on the forearms. Clean and dry hands will yield best results!


Currently available in 1OZ Bottles with flip top. During testing, each 1 OZ bottle has lasted for around 6 stone sessions, with heavy reapplications.


Now available in a convenient spray top for easy applications. With the spray top, you can just spray and wait for the tack to dry, or spray and agitate until desired level of tack is acheived. This version is very convenient for partner applications.


I am always available to answer questions, comments, or just "catch up" via email willdevelopmentofficial@gmail.com or slide in my DM'S on Instagram @willdevelopment

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