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About Will Development

Founded in early 2014, Will Development has been Florida's number one premium stone maker for years. The owner, Will, is an avid strongman fan, and competitor.

If will isn't competing, you can find him sponsoring shows, volunteering as a spotter or loader, or helping as a handler for a fellow competitor. This experience gives Will that first hand knowledge to know what an athlete would or wouldn't want in a strength tool.

Over the years Will Development has done work for world champions, business owners, Youtube influencers, novice strongmen, and is the only stone maker trusted at the world games. Not only the best source, but the only source for premium stone work.



"Training Drop" Guarantee?

The "training drop" guarantee is a warrantee that is given with all standard atlas stones.

How does the Guarantee work?

As long as the training session where the stone broke is recorded, Will Development will replace or refund the stone in full. Free delivery and pickup of the broken stone.

What about Blocks? Are they guaranteed?

At this time, Will Development cannot offer warranties on block type stones. Due to the nature of block stones, they are prone to cracking and breaking more easily than atlas stones.
All block stones are poured with FRC and the corners are rounded for durability and longevity, making a break unlikely, but still possible.

How can I care for my stones?

Since our atlas stones come sealed (unless unsealed is requested)

What’s the minimum order amount?

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