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"Secret Sauce"  (7OZ/200G)

"Secret Sauce" (7OZ/200G)

Finally after years of research and development, Will Development has released their own version of stone tacky! With three different grades to choose from, no type of weather will be able to stop huge stone loads! 


General purpose tacky is a great medium weather tacky that is usable at temperatures between 65-85 degrees F. This is the version we recommend the most, as it is the "Middle Ground" and is very usable, perfect for people learning how to use tacky, or the veteran who likes a "just right" tacky.


Hot Weather Tacky is great for those hotter days; being a Florida based company means we understand hot weather, and this version is great for those days above 85 degreees F. This version is also great for people who like a generally thicker tacky.


Cold Weather Tacky is best for those cold days. This version will remain pliable in temperatures as low as 40 degress F. It is considered "Usable" up to 65 degrees F, after that it is just too thin, and not recommended.


Things like altitude and humidity will of course effect these numbers to some degree, We always recommend getting a veriety pack to help you determine what grade will be best for you! You never know, you may just prefer one grade over another!

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