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Lucky Number 7 Wipe

Lucky Number 7 Wipe

The word has gotten out about how good Lucky Number 7 is at getting people cleaned up after using tacky, but, it has the same problem all tacky removers have; it's just not that convenient. You have to bring your remover, and a towel, hope the bottle didn't burst open in your gym bag and then finally get to clean up, which is the worst part.


That's exactly why I made Lucky Number 7 Wipes. A convenient (and reusable) 10"X12" woven microfiber wipe that has been soaked in Lucky Number 7, in a convenient tear top pack that is heat sealed to keep it ready to go when you need it...and keep your bag dry!


All you have to do is tear off the top of the pack, pull out the wipe, open it up, and get to cleaning. Once all the tacky is gone, you can either throw away the wipe, or keep it for another day and just resoak it with more Luck Number 7.

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