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Atlas Stone Earrings

Atlas Stone Earrings

Having trouble finding that perfect gift for that special someone in your life?


Or maybe you have a couple extra holes in your ears and need to plug them; but, you need something that tells people about your little hobbie you do on the weekends, lifting big rocks and being generally awesome.


What could be better than Atlas stone earrings!?


Every link, and every little stone is hand made by me (Will), and as such, every pair is totally unique, with its own special characteristics.


I dont have a sophisticated enough scale to measure the weight of them, but current users say they are plenty comfortable and as you can see, the pair of them are smaller than a quarter. All skin contact components are hypoallergenic.


The stones themselves are made of a custom concrete mix that is rated for 8000PSI (that's really strong). Yes, these are actual concrete Atlas Stones. The stones are attached with a 5000PSI steel mesh reinforced epoxy. All that to say, these are built to last, just like all Will Development stones.


Due to the labor intensive nature of these wonderfull pieces, they are only available in "pre order" fashion, with a mild lead time. All efforts will be made to keep the lead time to around a week from initial order date, however, an open line of communication will be kept so you will be informed on the progress of your order.

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